Swiss Robotics Day II – November 5th – Business Breakfast and Business Development Workshop

Innovation Booster Robotics will be hosting a business breakfast with a business development workshop at the Swiss Robotics Days organized by NCCR Robotics.

The Swiss Robotics Days are Switzerland’s most comprehensive exhibition on robotics for service sectors.

  • The first day will be dedicated to robotics professionals, and will allow the Swiss robotics community to meet the experts, exchange ideas, create new business opportunities and attract talent.
  • For the first time, the event will open its doors to the general public for a second day (November 5), establishing itself as a platform to engage with the public and the younger generations.

The event will take place in Lausanne at the Beaulieu Convention Center. In order to access the workshop, please register: register.

Workshop will be co-organised by, an entrepreneur-driven advisory firm passionate to help Startups grow their top-line and build lasting partnerships.

This workshop is your opportunity to gain rapidly a strong foundation of Business Development fundamentals. It will foster active participation to build solutions rooted in real Sales experience.

We will address the following key Topics in breakout sessions

  1. Define & present product featuresHow do you communicate, demo, assess and prioritize key product features? Or should yourather be a Licensing business?
  2. Know your Customer & channelsWho are your real target customers? How do you shape you market access, through whichchannels?
  3. Build a qualified pipelineHow do you grow and manage from qualified leads, early adopters to new customers?
  4. Pricing for Proof of Concept & beyondHow do you capture value from your solution, in pilot and in recurring business?

We look forward to seeing you in the event!

Innovation Booster Robotics