Funding Process

How does the funding
process look like?

  1. Apply to one of the calls.
  2. Our team will check if you are eligible for the funding and may provide suggestions to improve your application.
  3. Applications are then passed to the review process and are reviewed by independent reviewers
  4. Final decision is taken by the Innovation Management Committee based on overall matrix score and group discussion
  5. Winners are announced and all participants receive feedback on their proposal.
  6. Winning teams are required to: accept Terms of Service, select beneficiary to receive the funding, provide short info about the project for promotional purposes, provide an invoice for the awarded amount
  7. During the project, the team must agree on ways of working with one another (Team Agreement is recommended)


Funding process scheme

Funding Opportunities beyond
Innovation Booster Robotics


Once you complete your team project and the results are positive, we encourage you to apply for additional funding beyond Innovation Booster Robotics. Click on the below names to learn more about the opportunities or contact us for further support.