Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

Funding through Innovation Booster in Robotics

Open call for proposals next deadline:
April 26th, 2024

Innovation Booster Robotics Call for Proposals

Radical Innovation

The Innovation Booster programme intends to foster risk-taking and testing of radical ideas. Proposals with higher potential for radical vs. incremental innovation will receive higher marks.

Definition of radical innovation idea:

Radical innovation aims at a revolutionary character of innovation and can include new products, services or processes with new characteristics or forms, so that industries or markets are developed or changed, but not destroyed. In contrast, an incremental innovation idea is an evolutionary development of something that already exists. Some examples: the fridge allows us to preserve food for more than one day; the moving assembly line allowed Henry Ford to produce a car in 90 minutes instead of 12 hours; smartphones melt internet, telephone and TV into one device; and streaming on demand services bring the cinema into the living room. All examples have revolutionized the market and changed everyday life.

To learn more about radical innovation, please click on: YouTube Chanel of Innosuisse.


Open to any stakeholders in the Swiss robotics ecosystem (teams must be composed of at minimum two partners from two different entities in Switzerland). Innovation teams must consist of at least one research partner and one implementation partner.

Research partners can include university research institutes, non-commercial research centers outside the university sector, departmental research institutions with their own research projects and federal research institutes.

Implementation partners are those actors who implement the innovation ideas, thus creating economic added value. These can be incorporated start-ups, SMEs or larger companies that offer products or services or implement processes. However, they can also be non-profit organizations such as municipal administrations that can generate societal benefits and reduce public costs through the implementation of innovation.


For feasibility studies and proof of concept. Idea financing includes all expenditure that is used to examine aspects of a viable innovation, such as customer needs, feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

These include costs for testing hypotheses, creating prototypes, market studies or the methodical support of idea testing by external coaches.

How much?

Funding Amount: 25,000 CHF

Implementation partner contribution: 7,500 CHF

The following call will due the September 13th, 2024

There is no specific focus area for the calls in 2024. You can focus on any aspect of robotics in your application and ideally be connected with the themes of the workshops we run.  The most important thing is that you are thinking about radical innovation, new solutions, new end-uses, new business models, and addressing contemporary global issues. We invite you to participate in our challenge workshops and submit proposals addressing challenges generated during the workshops.

You can submit an application related to technological innovation as well as a conceptual innovation.

What do we mean by technological and conceptual innovation? Let us take an example from the drone industry. For example, you can provide an idea of a new autonomous drone with a new technology that has not been invented before. However, you can also provide an idea to assess a concept – a certain end-use of drone in a certain setting and promoting the use of drones in an unconventional and radical way.


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