Ideation Workshop on Intuitive Programming and Gripping Solutions for Robots

14th April 2022
LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura)

For the first ideation workshop in 2022, the Innovation Booster – Robotics (IB Robotics) has decided to join forces with the NCCR Robotics. Two topics have been selected for this first workshop.


Intuitive programming

There is a trend in the industry towards the democratization of assistive technologies such as collaborative robotics, mobile platforms, drones, or rehabilitation devices. Correctly implemented, these technologies have the potential to reduce costs through the automation of dull tasks. However, despite the need for such technologies in a high-wage country such as Switzerland, their adoption remains relatively low. Two obstacles to a wider integration can be identified.

1 — Intuitiveness-flexibility: Intuitive, plug-and-play solutions are often not flexible or efficient enough for industrial applications and thus expert solutions are still needed.

2 — Skills gap: Companies lack the expertise and the needed know-how to properly leverage the technology, i.e., not only on how to use the technology, but also on where to use it.

Discussions will seek to propose ways to overcome these obstacles and move towards more integrated solutions.

Gripping solutions

Today’s grippers are still considered a bottleneck in robotic solutions, often being costly, clumsy, difficult to clean, and heavy. We welcome proposals for innovative gripping solutions covering one or more of the following subjects: kinematics, over- or under-actuation, actuation principles, compliance, sensing and perception, impedance control in hardware and/or software, and combination of functions.

Discussions aim at helping develop ideas for solutions that assess anticipated benefits, for example on weight, speed, dexterity, hygiene, versatility, cost savings.


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Given the high volume of requests to participate, we are currently evaluating remote participation options for the plenum session. Please register to be the first to know.

I want to present my work

We kindly ask you to confirm your interest and share with us what topic(s) related to intuitive programming and gripping solutions you intend to present. Key words would suffice based on the topic descriptions.

I want to attend the workshop

Our events are open to any stakeholder interested in robotics with ideas for innovation related to the topics of the workshops.

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9:00 – 10:10
Robotics Association Models – an overview (optional)

Speakers from european-based robotic associations will present various models of Robotic associations.

10:30 – 12:00
NTN-IB Robotics Plenum presentations

Short presentations from a selected set of industry representatives and academic leaders.

Networking Lunch


13:00 – 15:00
Facilitated ideation workshop

Facilitated brainstorming sessions and one-to-one discussions between academic experts, industry, civil society stakeholders. The two topics will be running parallel.

15:30 – 17:30
Visit to SUPSI labs and aperitif (optional)

IB Robotics participants are welcome to join the aperitif taking place at the SUPSI campus jointly with NCCR Robotics members.