New Team Members

The Innovation Booster on Robotics welcomes Anca Rusu, our new Innovation Booster Programme Coordinator, and Dr. Patrick Meier, Lead of Engagement and Strategy on Robotics. 

Anca Rusu
Programme Coordinator, Innovation Booster on Robotics
Patrick Meier
Lead of Robotics Engagement and Strategy at EPFL


Anca Rusu has over six years of project management experience at EPFL, where she worked at the International Risk Governance Center. In this capacity, she focused on applying risk governance principles to diverse sectors, with a particular emphasis on emerging technologies.  Her responsibilities included organizing numerous events involving all key stakeholders, such as governments, businesses, and academic institutions. She also promoted collaboration and provided assistance in coordinating and managing tasks across two European projects. Her role encompassed a range of responsibilities, including organizing multiple events that brought together essential stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and academic institutions. Additionally, she played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and providing support in coordinating and managing tasks for two European projects. Anca completed her academic journey with a Master of Arts degree in Social Sciences from the University of Lausanne, complemented by a minor in communication and culture. Furthermore, she holds a Bachelor’s degree that focused on Communication and Public Relations as her area of specialization.

Patrick Meier serves as EPFL Robotics Lead on Engagement & Strategy. He is also tasked with developing the Innovation Booster for Robotics and establishing the Swiss Robotics Association. Patrick brings 15+ years of experience at the leading edge of humanitarian technology and social innovation, including 7+ years as Co-Founder and Executive Director of WeRobotics, an international tech nonprofit with labs in 40+ countries. In this capacity, he led the deployment of aerial, ground, and marine robotics to accelerate humanitarian, health, development, environment, and conservation efforts worldwide. Patrick has also served as a senior consultant to multiple UN agencies, the World Bank, and OECD. He is the author of the book Digital Humanitarians and has given over 200 talks in over 40 countries, including multiple TEDx talks. He’s been awarded fellowships at Harvard, MIT, National Geographic, and UBS Global Visionaries. Patrick holds an MA from Columbia, a Ph.D. from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, and a Pre-Doc from Stanford.