Flexible Pick and Place for Transparent Micro-devices

Flexible Pick and Place for Transparent Micro-devices


Research partner:

HuCE cpvrLab– Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). Our research aims at bringing human flexibility into automation efficiency. We leverage technologies such as 6D-tracked tools and augmented reality to develop context-aware systems that aim at simplifying human-machine interaction without reducing performance.

IDSIA Robotics Lab – SUPSI. Our research applies state-of-the-art AI and Deep Learning techniques to enable novel applications of mobile and industrial robotics. In particular, we focus on challenging tasks related to robot perception, and human-robot interaction.

Implementation partner:

FemtoPrint – FEMTOPRINT® is the sole 3D microfabrication platform capable of material structuring using arbitrary patterns to produce challenging, monolithic 3D shapes in glass with high precision, sub-micron resolution, and with an additional polishing step, optical surface quality.

No-Touch Robotics – No-Touch Robotics is a pioneer in the area of robotic micro handling. We provide gripping solutions for the damage-free handling of small and fragile components by using acoustic forces.

Project description:

In this project, a robotic solution for picking and placing glass micro-devices that is generic enough to be rapidly adapted to new products by the company itself will be developed.


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