Ascento – Automated Security Patrolling on large outdoor properties

Ascento – Automated Security Patrolling on large outdoor properties


Research partner name:

Autonomous Systems Lab – ETH Zurich – ASL is a robotics research laboratory whose mission and dedication is to create robots and intelligent systems that are able to autonomously operate in complex and diverse environments.

Implementation partner:

Ascento – Ascento supports professionals to secure, maintain and inspect their outdoor assets by reducing the intervention times and augmenting their data capturing capability with Robotics and AI.

SBB – Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is the largest rail and transport company of Switzerland.

Securitas – Securitas is the largest security provider in Switzerland for companies, authorities and private individuals, wishing to make everyday life safer. “Effective solutions for individual security needs”

Project description:

Ascento has developed a robot-as-a-service security solution that can patrol outdoors properties and alert guards when anomalies are detected. Being all-weather and all-terrain, the solution can help anyone needing outdoor patrols above 8h/day.

Interested in the Ascento Security Solution?

Please contact Ascento directly through their website to get more information and find out when you could have your own system installed.


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